About Hellsing-Ghrey


Hi, I’m Hellsing-Ghrey. I’ve always had this thing for Self Mastery. Maybe it was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Dragon Ball Z, or getting chased by the local gang to grade school every morning that lead me to pursue self master, self defense and value life, freedom and my hearts desire.

My family created an environment for me filled with dozens of motivational books, tapes, soundtracks, etc and cultivated in me a love of the arts and personal growth and development.

Over the years, I’ve successfully pursued my dreams and have live more than a few, and counting. I’ve traveled the world, married and amazing Queen, created books, plays, & programs that have added value to lives everywhere.

Now, I’m bringing my best works, knowledge garnered over decades, to share with you and assist you in realizing your dreams, your best life and your best version of yourself.

Your Light.

30 Day Financial Awareness Challenge

Some of what may achieve in the next 30 days

  • Know where your money comes from and goes
  • Where your time flows
  • The first Basic Law of Wealth
  • Budgeting Long term
  • How to earn extra money
  • How to control your money
  • How to set clear financial goals
  • How to begin investing
  • Things to know when investing
  • Start investing


Here’s HOW:

Phase I


In this phase, we’ll set a clear financial goal, learn to track our finances, become aware of where our finances come from and go to, and learn what our essential number is to live every month.

Phase II


During this phase, we’ll create a budget that aligns with our top financial goals, begin tracking our time, analyzing our expenses and look forward to the future with courage!

Phase III


During this phase, we’ll explore the multitude of ways to earn money, connect with like-minded people and be a little kinder with our money.

Phase IV


Ah, the most challenging and in depth phase. Here, we’ll look at different area’s to invest in, choose a platform and test it to make sure it’s buoyant.

Phase V


During this phase, we’ll explore our investing platform and if it passes the test, jump in and begin investing!!!

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