How do i join a challenge?

We share the available groups in the community groups. Each available group has its own poster with a QR code on it. Find the poster of the group you want to join and scan the QR code.

Which challenges are available?

Challenges change every month depending on the volunteering Group Guides.

I can’t join a challenge. “Invitation approval”.

Sometimes challenge groups are victim of their success and we need to restrict the access. If we can, we will try to create a second group to allow everyone to join.

I want to do a challenge that doesn’t fit into any groups available.

We aren’t always able to provide every challenge themes every month. However, if you have already participated in a challenge before, you can ask to lead a group with your own theme.

Who are the Group Guides?

Group Guides are volunteers. People who want to learn and practice a skill or habit. They are not expert and are here only to encourage the participants to remain active during the duration of the challenge.

Can i become a Group Guide?

Absolutely! If you have already complete a challenge and want to get more involved, being a Group Guide is a great experience! You choose your own challenge you want to lead, and we’ll help you get your challenge group started as well as support you along the way.

I am outside China and can’t use WeChat.

No worries. Challengers has a mobile app available on iOS ans Android called “Challengers Community” that is available worldwide as long as you have access to the app store.