I’ve been noticing more and more some incredible event around the world, across different cultures. And this got me thinking […]
I recently had to deal with a couple big personal project, that each took the equivalent of about 1month full […]
You’ve probably seen them online, 21 days to build a habit challenge. And if they haven’t worked for you, you’re […]
Welcome to Challengers Community – a place designed to help you challenge yourself, learn new skills, and connect with a […]
Challengers Community is place where you can finally start taking action towards your goals you’ve been putting off. With the […]
Taking a bit different content for once. As i was playing with ChatGPT as many people has already have. I […]
What is a 30 day challenge? A 30 day challenge is a personal challenge that lasts 30 days and during […]
For reminder SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time sensitive. And it sounds great! Everyone should plan their goals […]
Since Challengers has existed, I’ve always struggled to define the end goal it. Sure we create accountability groups that helps […]
What are DUMB Goals? What I call DUMB goals are goals for which you haven’t thought too much about how […]
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