Christian has been part of Challengers for a couple of years now. His journey through his different challenges is very interesting and inspiring. Here is his story.

I first met Christian as he was thinking about starting his business. It seemed like he was thinking about it for some time already but hadn’t acted on it.

Challengers allowed him to take his first step towards starting his business. He joined the next round of Challengers shortly after we met. His first challenge with us: learn how to code.

Coding is a great skill to have in our current society. But to learn how to code, you need to start to code, at first with small simple apps, and increasing to more complex apps as you learn new technics. It takes time and perseverance, and the 30-day challenge format is well suited for it.

After learning how to code, he moved on to the next step towards his project: learning how to build a website using HTML. But this time, there was no group in Challengers to match his challenge. So after a short talk with him, we decided he could start his own challenge group to fit his challenge. The group theme was “Career skills”. And so he became a Group Guide and helped other people work on their skills to advance in their work and career.

Doing a challenge alone can be quite tedious: We struggle to find motivation, we don’t know where to start, and we don’t know if what we are doing even makes sense. But if you can gather several people around you doing a similar kind of challenge, the dynamics completely shifts. Suddenly you are not isolated anymore and that thing you are learning makes more sense because other people around are doing something similar. Even more, many people want to learn some skills, but because of a lack of having the proper environment, then never get to it. By becoming a Group Guide, Christian created a new environment around himself, an environment that that is in line with his objective, and an environment that increased his chances of success to reach his goal.

It took Christian several months to get here, even several years. But he now had grown the skills necessary for him to move on to the next step and start touching that goal he has been thinking about for so long. His next challenge would be to set up his online business. It started to become less intimidating now that he had those extra skills. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot to learn about online business, but he was now ready for it.

And so his next 30 days were dedicated to building his platform, learning marketing, how to find his products, probably learn about logistics… His new challenge group theme was “Side Hustle”

For his next challenge, there wasn’t a group that fitted what he wanted to do. So he joined the team to be a Group Guide. He had learned the skills he needed with his previous challenges. And he was now ready to take it to the next step. His challenge group has “Side-hustle”, and that month, several persons I know we’re able to take their first step into starting their own business. Quite a life changer.

Today, you can now find Christian’s shop over at He is now learning more skills to improve his shop content and offer better client experience.

How about you? What is the first step you need to take to start moving towards your goal? What if you were not alone on your journey?



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