Dear Challengers!

I am very excited that we are getting ready for launching round 2 of Challengers! Only a few more weeks to go… Get ready to start your 30day challenge because we are improving from round1 and it is going to be even better this time.

Our first round gathered 30 amazing Challengers with very various challenges. You were waking up early, working out, learning Chinese, writing articles, doing yoga…. so much awesomeness!

For round2, things are not completely fixed yet, but here is what we are looking towards to:

Super excited to announce we will be looking to having 100 Challengers in this round. This time, they will be spread out in groups with around 10-15 people having similar challenges so that you can have a better focus on you challenge. We will keep on meeting at the beginning, the middle, and at the end of your challenges, and we will keep on finding awesome venues to match the Challenger that you are.

We are looking to improving your challenges. You gave us great feedback after round1, and thanks to you we are building on it, bigger and better. So big thanks to all round1 Challengers for being so awesome!

All that and more surprises to come! Stay tuned…

If you want to help us or participate in the organization of Challengers round2, let us know. We’d love to have you in the team!



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