So you ended up on this site called Challengers have no idea what this is about. You maybe read an article that lead you here, or a friend told you to check it out, but still you are not sure what you are looking at here.

So let me try to brighten your lantern.

Challengers is about bringing people together around 30 days challenges. It’s about people who want to try something new but just haven’t.

A 30 days challenge it something you are going to do for 30 days (obviously) to reach a goal. You may want to workout for 30days to be more fit, wake up earlier to have more time in the day, learn Chinese because they don’t even speak English in Beijing international airport… you get the point.

The way Challengers work (and it may evolve in the future) with WeChat groups. You join one of our WeChat groups (around10-15people) and commit to your own 30 days challenge. After that, share every day your progress of your challenge with the other Challengers in the group. Keep adjusting your challenge to how you feel, because, trust me, it will not go according to plan.

The point is, everyone starts on the same day, and for 30 days this group is going to become your best friend.

If you are interested, we’ve already written a few articles on examples of 30 days challenges (if you need a bit of inspiration) and a quick guide on how to get the most out your challenge.

If you want to join the next round of Challengers, let us know either by posting a comment , send us an email or anyway you can (smoke signals?).



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