Here we go again!

This time its going to be a tough one… Burpees!

For anyone who aver tried Burpees, you know how breaking they can be.

For those who don’t know what Burpees are, it’s an exercise where basically you do a pushup followed by a jumping jack. Yup, just one of each, and repeat, down on the floor, jump in the air, down on the floor, jump in the air…

So i’m going to try to do 30 Burpees per session/day with the following training session. We’ll see how it goes and will adjust the training from there.

Why Burpees? You may have already guessed it’s a good full body exercise. A lot of muscle groups are involved.

But also, i ran the Spartan Race this summer (4 times actually…). Each time i had to do Burpees it just killed me right on the spot, and in was really hard to start running right after. So i’m planning to run again the Spartan Race next year, and i don’t want to let those Burpees break my rhythm, so i’m going to break the Burpees first.

For those who don’t know what is the Spartan race, it’s an obstacle race called a Tough Mudder, and each time you are not able to pass an obstacle you get 30 Burpees penalty.



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