So you’ve decided to take action towards your goal and join a challenge group? Congrat’s! It’s the first step towards your goal among many others you will be able to take during your challenge.

But now that you have joined… what next?

When joining a group, 2 things are important:

  • Read the group notice: Every group have different rules, make sure you know the rules for this group
  • Introduce yourself and share your goal for this challenge with the group

Note that people who don’t share their goal are removed from any group. Challengers isn’t a place for observers, It’s a place where everyone can finally take action towards their goal.

You are now all set! The next step is to start your first day of challenge!

Once you have finished your action towards your goal for the day, share your accomplishment with the group:

  • Even small accomplishments are worth sharing
  • It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do as much as you expected, we are all here to progress, share it anyways
  • It doesn’t matter if you did worse than yesterday, share it anyways
  • If you haven’t been able to do what you had planned for the day, it doesn’t matter, share it anyways

Sometimes sharing can be as simple as “Done for today”. Sometimes it can have more details and reflection: why it was difficult, something got in your way, what you want to improve for next time… Just find a way of sharing that is convenient for you. You can send a text message, an image, a video, an emoji…

Life isn’t always sunny. Share your rainy days as well.

Sharing you progress as well as your difficulties is important for your progress, but also for other people in your group. It is most likely that you are not the only one with this problem. By sharing other people may say they have the same difficulty, and some others may have faced the same issue and have find a solution.

Sharing your good days feels nice. But assuming your difficulties will take you further.

What not to do

Don’t sit back and watch others. It is your challenge, your goal, your life and you are here to take action. If you want to be an observer, there are plenty of Facebook groups, Youtube videos or other social media you can look at.

Don’t disappear in the middle of a challenge. We understand life has ups and down. Let the group know when you expect not to be able to share your progress (work, holiday, family… life if full of variable we don’t control). We care and create a bond inside the groups, it is always a bit troubling to see people disappear without a word.

Don’t down-talk other people’s progress. There isn’t a more harmful to someone’s progress. Every progress is worth encouraging, even the smallest that seems like nothing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is one’s life.



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