A few days ago there was the Breakthrough Challenge 2022, a 5 day free webinar from Tony Robbins. My biggest learning from Tony Robbins is one thing that changes my perspective.

Tony Robbins is extraordinarily inspiring, and like many people, each time I listen directly to him, I get a boost of energy! And this time I paid attention of how he created this boost. The answer in short is movement and exercise. Sounds easy enough, so I tried it.

First attempt was while filming some content for a project. Before recording I lifted some weights for just a minute. Enough to get energized, but not too much to get out of breath (since I was about to film myself talking. And sure enough, that is my best filming I’ve done. I was energized, more dynamic, and my speaking was improved. Not bad for just one minute of work!

I tried it again with a friend that had set herself to go to the gym that day, but when the time came to actually go, she didn’t feel like going, just low energy and not into the mood to exercise. You know, its that moment you’ve been waiting and talking about the whole day, but when the time arrive you can’t get yourself to actually do it. So i stood up and told her to stand up and start dancing (there was already some salsa playing in the room) so we danced around, shake our bodies, put our hands up. And about a minute into the dancing, I asked her how she felt about going to the gym, she felt more motivated to go, so she got prepared her gear and went to workout for one hour. All thanks to moving one minute.

My biggest learning from Tony Robbins is you can choose to be energized if you put yourself into it. So next time you feel a bit low on energy, try getting and moving. Jump around for no reason. Shout if it helps! Then reassess your situation and get going!



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