Its seems a bit like the chicken or the egg kind of question, but instead its acting or thinking. If you think about something you’ll have more chance of acting on it. And if you act on something, you’ll start thinking about it. But it first seems that any action needs to start with a though, right? So acting or thinking? Well it’s not that simple.

Even though you need to think about something to star acting on it. You are much likelier to achieve what you want to do if you start acting on it first, and once you have started and are in the situation then figure out how to keep going.

The thing is that if you just think about it, its going to be difficult to get started, and even often the more you think about the harder it is to start.

Whereas if you start acting first, your body and mind with wake up and start adapting to the new situation. It will start producing the chemicals necessary to action and your mood will change.

In the book “Think like a leader, act like a leader” (forgotten the author’s name) the author brings up this point. You cannot think yourself to be a leader. You need to start acting as a leader, and by taking leadership actions you will feel like a leader and your mindset will shift.

Another way to see it is, if you think you are a runner, your mind will have a hard time believing it until you actually go out and run. And when you actually start running your whole being (body and mind) with act as a runner.

So even though the trigger may be an initial though, what makes it become real and lasting is the action.



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