“Challengers isn’t a place for observers, it’s a place where everyone can finally take action towards their goal.” – Pierre, founder of Challengers

Challengers. Not just monthly groups to join and sit back and relax. They are called challenges for a reason. It is to push yourself, get out of that comfort zone, or simply take the first initial step. Relax. There is no competition, or a certain level or speed you need to be at to join. Challengers is a place to enhance your passions, pick up a new skill, or finally work on that thing you were avoiding in a group of like-minded individuals who are working on the same thing. It is a space where you take accountability for your actions every day and have buddies to keep you on track. Groups where there is mutual support, encouragement, sharing, respect and inspiration.

So you have decided to try it out. You joined a group. But you are scared to send your first message or share your first picture. You are nervous to join the group note. Or you need the first few days to understand how it works and then you will be ready to do it. Or you need to miss a few days of the challenge due to personal reasons but don’t want to leave the group completely. Or there is a long list of group rules that are shared and you are overwhelmed by it. Or maybe it is something else. Whatever it is, don’t become an observer, don’t stay silent and not participate.  Share with the group what you are going through. It may help someone else as well. If you are uncomfortable sharing in the group, talk to the group guide personally.

Life happens to each of us. It is ok. We understand. It was your decision to join the group and take part in the challenge. And you made that commitment. We hope you stick to it and participate. And of course, we are always here to help you.



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