This article is for our amazing Group Guides who make Challengers possible.

So I will start with a big thank you if you have volunteered to be a Group Guide.

This article will evolve through time as we keep on learning and improving our organisation.

What is being a Group Guide?

A Group Guide is the initiator of a challenge group. The Guide chooses the theme of his/her group to match his/her challenge.

The main responsibilities of being a Group Guide are:

– 1) Create a group chat and send the link to the organising team so it can be shared.

– 2) Get all challenges shared in the group. In order to keep the group focus and engaged, those who did not share their challenge in the group will be removed by the Group Guide.

– 3) Share the communications/links from the organising team. Don’t hesitate to ask for specification if you are not sure.

– 4) Share your challenge progress in the group, if you can with photos, videos … And keep the group animated by checking on the participants regularly.

– 5) Enjoy! Many of our Guides reported it was a great experience and learning for them, and we want you to enjoy it. So if you want to bend the rules a bit because you are more comfortable that, go ahead and let us know so we can improve from your experience for future rounds.

Some documents to help you along the way:

Guide’s Little Red Book

Guide’s Mini Handbook

Example of welcoming announcements,

feel free to use these or modify them for your group:




At the beginning of the round, every day or two, you will be asked to share some tips in your group. Those tips are aimed at being able to get more out of one’s challenge.

The current list tips are:

Tip#1: Start easy

Tip#2: Make a planning

Tip #3: Keep track

Tip#4: Vary the difficulty

Tip#5: Adjust

Tip #6: Share

Tip #7: Minimum


We have been looking for an easy way for participants to keep track of their challenge and being able to share with the group.

For now the best solution we found is Just create a survey, add 30 days, and share it to your group so each can fill their part.

It is not perfect and we are still looking for better solutions, so feel free to send your suggestions to us.

Managing groups on WeChat:

Here are a few things you could find more than useful for managing your WeChat group.

Make an @all announcement

Close the group to new comers (for example if you think more people will be too difficult to manage)



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