Congratulations on finishing the 1st week of your challenge!

Keep on the good work!

It is not always easy to keep on going, especially after a week, tiredness can start to set in. We easily set our initial goal high, and for the first few days, it works out fine, but it quickly gets harder after. The good thing is that YOU are the one setting the rules, so don’t hesitate to adjust them to your abilities, conditions…

During your challenge, there will be times where you can do more, and other times when you can do less, and that is fine.

In fact, professional training often alternate intense workout and easy workouts as to recover.

Life has ups and downs, and you should adjust your challenge according to it.

However, even if you reduce or simplify your challenge, it is important to keep going it regularly. You want to create this habit of initiating your habit, to have this trigger. And this will happen only in repetition, regardless of the intensity of your challenge.

Pushing yourself too hard in your challenge can even create disgust feeling. This can happen if you had a difficult past previous days, and now before even start your daily challenge you remember that uncomfortable feeling you had the past few days. This will make it a lot harder to start you daily challenge.

Don’t hesitate to re-adjust your daily target during you challenge. You will benefit a lot more if you are able to keep going, even with smaller daily action. As long as you take the action regularly, you will build up your habit and mental strength.



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