You are not a runner but would like to give it a try? It may be difficult to know how much and when you should train when starting to run.

But fear not! We’ve got you covered! We’ve searched for a training plan to help you reduce the mental load. Put the following trainings into your agenda so that when time comes to run, you don’t need to think too long about what running session you should do.

You can adjust this plan to your own schedule. Some people prefer resting on the weekend, some people prefer resting on Monday, and other people prefer putting as much sessions on the weekend (for example Friday evening and Sunday). Choose what works for you.

Here’s the full 8weeks plan. But we’ll break it down for you as well

Tip: try different routes

You can try different running loops. Running on the same loop can help you remove the mental load about thinking where to run. But always running the same path can become a bit boring. So feel free to play a bit with where you run, try different routes and explore different roads. This will make it more fun and less repetitive.

Tip #2: audio-books

Many people complain that running is boring. They’ve tried listening to music, but it still doesn’t make your mind drift off. You focus on your run, one foot in front of the other and repeat. So here’s the tip that worked with lots of people i know. Listen to an audio-book. When listening to an audio-book your attention will be on the book instead of your running. You’ll still be able to focus on your running when you need, but for long repetitive flat roads you’ll be able to drift into your book easily.

Lets get started!

First Week plan

  • Day1: Week one Run (30minutes)
  • Day2: Rest
  • Day3: Week one Run (30minutes)
  • Day4: Rest
  • Day5: Week one Run (30minutes)
  • Day6: Rest
  • Day7: Rest

Week 2 plan

  • Day8: Week two Run (31minutes)
  • Day9: Rest
  • Day10: Week two Run (31minutes)
  • Day11: Rest
  • Day12: Week two Run (31minutes)
  • Day13: Rest
  • Day14: Rest

Week 3 Plan

  • Day15: Week three Run (28minutes)
  • Day16: Rest
  • Day17: Week three Run (28minutes)
  • Day18: Rest
  • Day19: Week three Run (28minutes)
  • Day20: Rest
  • Day21: Rest

Week 4 plan

  • Day22: Week three Run (32minutes)
  • Day23: Rest
  • Day24: Week three Run (32minutes)
  • Day25: Rest
  • Day26: Week three Run (32minutes)
  • Day27: Rest
  • Day28: Rest

Week 5 plan:

Day29: Week Five Session 1 Run (36minutes)
Day30: Rest
Day31: Week five Session 2 Run (36minutes)
Day32: Rest
Day33: Week five Session 3 Run (35minutes)
Day34: Rest
Day35: Rest

Week 6 plan:

Day36: Week six Session 1 Run (33minutes)
Day37: Rest
Day38: Week six Session 2 Run (38minutes)
Day39: Rest
Day40: Week six Session 3 Run (40minutes)
Day41: Rest
Day42: Rest

Week 7 plan:

Day36: Week seven Session 1 Run (42minutes)
Day37: Rest
Day38: Week seven Session 2 Run (40minutes)
Day39: Rest
Day40: Week seven Session 3 Run (52minutes)
Day41: Rest
Day42: Rest

Week 8 plan:

Day36: Week eight Session 1 Run (47minutes)
Day37: Rest
Day38: Week eight Session 2 Run (45minutes)
Day39: Rest
Day40: Week eight Session 3 Run (59minutes)
Day41: Rest
Day42: Rest

Race day!

That’s it! You’ve worked hard for this moment. It is now time to run your first 5km race. Either if you do it alone or if you registered a race.

Congrat’s! You have well earned your success, you can easily call yourself a runner! You have put in the time and the effort and you can be proud of what you accomplished



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