Congratulations on finishing the 1st week of your challenge! Keep on the good work! It is […]
My next 30 day challenge will be a tough one. Actually, so tough I’m going to […]
Dear Challengers! I am very excited that we are getting ready for launching round 2 of […]
So you ended up on this site called Challengers have no idea what this is about. […]
Here we go again! This time its going to be a tough one… Burpees! For anyone […]
Our focus is on getting people to get the most out of their challenges. Unfortunately, we […]
I just got this idea. Why not do 52 weeks challenges as well? Fun fact, did […]
This post is meant to keep on evolving. Here will be regular updates of the findings […]
Our first Challengers’ 30 days challenge just finished, and it was awesome! We finished the round […]
Define your goal Big hairy audacious goal The first thing you want to do is figure […]
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